The Material of BCT for Seventh Grade

The material of BCT for Seventh Grade

For All my student, please review The material bellow for preparation of your Exam Next week

1. Algebraic Understanding and Its elements

  • Algebraic expression
  • Term
  • Coefficient and Variable
  • Constant
  • Exponent
  • Like term and unlike term

2. Algebraic operation

  • Addition and subtraction for simplifying if available like term
  • Addition and subtraction between two terms by using bracket
  • Multiplication as simplifying
  • Multiplication as expanding
  • Division for simplifying

3. Mathematical expression

  • Changing the verbal expression to algebraic expression
  • Changing the algebraic expression to verbal expression


1. Introduce Algebra ( Math Quest 9, Chapter 3)   INTRODUCE ALGEBRA

2. Algebraic Expanding ( Math Quest 9, Chapter 5) EXPANDING ALGEBRA


1. Introduce Algebra :Exercises of Introduce Algebra

2. Expanding by using bracket

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